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The Cambridge University Czech & Slovak Society (CUCSS) is an association of Czech and Slovak students at the University of Cambridge. The main aims of the Society are to provide members with a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on a diverse range of topics relating to the events affecting the situation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and to initiate and maintain coordinated dialogue between the Czech and Slovak students at the University of Cambridge, as well as at other universities in the UK and abroad. Membership is open to all current and past Cambridge University members and to any other interested persons. There is no membership fee, and the membership is lifelong.


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Jakub Mičkech
Eliška Hauferová
Junior Treasurer
Hynek Jakeš
Access Officer
Laura Potomová
Events Officer
Tomáš Heger
General Committee
Jiří Etrych
Martin Gažo
Tomáš Flídr
Frederika Malichová

Previous Committee

2022/23 Barbara Bačová, Jiří Etrych, Filip Ayazi, Jakub Mičkech, Martin Gažo, Leo Nagy, Magdaléna Smolková
2021/22 Jiří Etrych, Radka Pallová, Filip Ayazi, Ronald Doboš, Martin Gažo, Barbara Bačová
2020/21 Jiří Etrych, Radka Pallová, Filip Ayazi, Barbara Bačová, Alan Marko, Martin Gažo
2019/20 Kateřina Cohnová, Radka Pallová, Filip Ayazi, Martina Orvošová, Peter Onduš
2018/19 Kristina Králová, Kateřina Cohnová, Vlastimil Rasocha, Jakub Kojda, Juraj Mičko
2017/18 Jiří Lhotka, Kristina Králová, Ondřej Tobek, Jakub Kojda
2016/17 Martin Výška, Simona Blašková, Ondřej Tobek
2015/16 Martin Výška, Simona Blašková, Patrik Turzák
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Our sponsors

The society benefits greatly from the cooperation with out commercial partners. We would like to thank them dearly, as without their support we would not be able to operate.

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The Boston Consulting Group s.r.o. - Prague office
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A.T. Kearney GmbH - Prague office
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McKinsey & Company, Inc. Prague
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